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Getting a radiant complexion means understanding your skin type and how to treat it. There are main skin types – the dry skin, the oily, skin, the sensitive skin, the normal skin; and of course the skin type with combination(s).

We would be discussing about Combination skin today because a lot of people do not know it as a skin type. Many people have restricted their type of skin to only oily and dry skin .

This article would be discussing the areas to know about the combination skin type one of the most popular skin type yet the under discussed about skin type. I would be bringing you with useful tips for this skin type as well as discuss a skin care routine for the combination skin type.

It is not surprising that you may not be sure where to start when it comes to putting together a skincare routine for the combination skin. Getting a skin care routine is simply putting together a list of skin care products, tools and use pattern to care for your skin with the main goal of addressing your specific skin concern(s), challenge(s) or simply to enhance your skin appearance and glow.

Firstly,  I would start by defining the word Combination skin type – this skin type features two or more different skin types and the condition of your skin may fluctuate between seasons. Typically, the combination skin type is characterized by dry, flaking skin on the cheeks, while excessive oil and shine appears on other areas of the face.

Those with combination skin are in a constant battle with their T-Zone, which includes the forehead, nose, and chin.Your skin can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin). Many people have this skin condition and it may need aslightly different care in those respective areas. Below is an image of your T – zone area.

Marked areas are called the T – zone.

Causes of combination skin: the oilier parts of combination skin are caused by an over production of sebum. The drier parts of combination skin are caused by a lack of sebum and a corresponding lipid deficiency. Out of the five different skin types, combination skin is the most common and here are just a few reasons why you might have this skin type.

Your genes: the skin care products in use, could  be harsh on your nose, chin and forehead. If youre using the wrong kind of moisturizer,  itll clog up your pores

You might be going through a stressful time in your life, this is a major factor especially when you don’t use the right skincare products

Youre not exercising so your skin isnt receiving as much nourishment as it could be

When out in the sun and not using adequate protection.



The Combination Skin Type

When it comes to creating a skin care routine for combination skin, keep these five tips in mind. Firstly, start off your skin care routine with a no-rinse cleanse using a micellar water. Look for one formulated for all skin types, like the Garnier Micellar Water – which intensely purifies your skin. Just saturate a cotton pad with the micellar water and wipe across your face with the pad.

Secondly; reach for a rinse-off cleanser to help remove any remaining impurities from the surface of your skin. The use of two cleansers is known as double cleansing and a popular K-beauty skin care technique. For your second cleanser you can try the Cerave facial foam cleanser or the Laroche-Posay purifying foaming cleanser.

Thirdly, exfoliate if you have combination skin, grab a face scrub thats suitable for all skin types since you are dealing with two types of skin, like the Loccitane face scrub Or the shea moisture Coconut & Hibiscus  iluminating hand and body scrub. This essential exfoliating body scrub/body polish gently removes dead skin cells while adding nourishing moisture through the power of shea butter and coconut oil.

It also works to remove dirt, oil, and impurities from the surface and polish away dead skin. With continued use over time, your pores will look tighter and less visible. Keep in mind that you should only exfoliate a few times a week to avoid being too harsh on your skin. And keep in mind that this step is totally delete-able. Many skin dermatologist would recommend not exfoliating or exfoliating very less if possible. Proceed with this step with your own personal prerogatives.

Fourthly; apply Moisturizer the best moisturizer that suits your combination skin  best. would be An oil-free option, as it wont add any additional slickness to your already oily T-zone area.  The Ordinary moisturizing factors, Vanicream moisturizing cream, Ultra repair cream, Laroche Posay Toleriane Ultra, Laroche Posay cicaplast, Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream are few of my favorite moisturizers.

Your Moisturizer should be containing ingredients to help repair or maintain your skin barrier as well as resist visible signs of aging. Every morning and evening, smooth it over your face until thoroughly absorbed.

Lastly, make Sunscreen your BFF . Sunscreens are as important has having your bath daily. You should apply a generous amount,  (with an SPF value of 30 minimum or higher) each day. Spending time in the sun without SPF protection can cause damage, which can lead to visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. If youre pressed for time, reach for the Sunblock Eucerine Daily protection Elizavecca milky piggy sun cream.

Having the best sunscreen product does not mean you shouldn’t limit your amount of time in the sun (especially between 10 AM and 2 PM, which are the suns peak hours), seek shade, and cover up. Using sun block tools could also be an option but majorly for me, I would avoid a long time sun exposure if possible. If not possible, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours as generally recommended.

Avoid Touching your face to avoid clogging your pores.  It is best you stop touching your face, I know it’s uneasy not to have your hands on your face but considering the amount of dirt your hands carry it is necessary and for the good of your skin to stop touching your face.

Blot Away Oil, Blotting papers are easy to carry, they can fit into any size of bag an it is very handy and good for people with combination skin. It offers you a quick way to cut back on excess grease mid-day. Clean&clear oil blotting papers will temporarily absorb oil without ruining your make up

As we can see a combination skin is a tricky kind and being aware of the common causes of combination skin,  will be of help to getting the best outcome for your skin. No two skin types are the same, so treat your skin with the best product that suits your specifically.

Note: These recommendation is mainly for skin types with combinations and not putting into consideration of specific skin issues and challenges. Stick to my blog for more skin care tips and send us your reviews on any of our products you have used.


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