Welcome to my blog where I showcase my lifestyle explores and nurturing. My name is Afoyah Balo but I go by Sade pronounced as “Shaday”.   Some Call me “Shadii” if you would like that ?.  I am 29 years old, a Combat Medic soldier in the U.S. ARMY, Career lady, with the newest zeal to explore the business world. I have a couple of degrees here and there and still acquiring.

My thoughts to creating this blog is to have a personal platform where I can create a niche and exhibit all the areas I would like to explore as a fashion and beauty enthusiast. As a growing female, I struggled with lots of skin issues due to poor choices and have decided to share these processes as well as my results.

Also, I love wears, fashion and looking good, this definitely would be an area I would be exploring with y’all.

Additionally; did I mention I have some degrees in natural resources? Oh Yeah I do. It was my passion to lecture in the environmental science world. However, I didn’t quite in this line of passion, because I would be sharing some of my travels and nature seeings. If you are a lover of natural resource parks and reserves, this might be for you.

It sure would be a touch of this and that lifestyle that I would be exploring with the aim of highlighting WOMEN. Regardless of life challenges and setbacks. women can thrive in every spheres of life aspects that she desires. Stay connected and be part of bringing to reality all I have boxed up explore.

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