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Cellulite causes depressions or dimples on the skin. It is a lumpy appearance to the flesh that can cause “orange peel” appearance to the skin. It is commonly located in the hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Sometimes it occurs in the breasts, upper arms, or belly. With mild or moderate cellulite, the dimples are not apparent unless by pinching of the skin while the prominent ones are easily seen upon skin sight.

Cellulite is a very common skin condition but a harmless lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen, mostly prevalent in women.






Cellulite is not only found in women with increased body fat, some slim women with slim thighs and moderate buttocks also have cellulite. So this actually nullifies the take that fat women are the ones with this type of skin condition. Cellulite are common in women more than men and it is not a skin concern for only women with increased body fat. It is a concern for women in general. The reason why it is common among women is due to the different distributions of fat, muscle, and connective tissue.

Cellulite should not be a condition to put you under depression or sadness – it is a natural condition that could be managed and the appearances could be reduced drastically with the use of the right products and consistency.

If you are extremely keen about a smooth, glowing healthy skin and you do not want to accept your body cellulite, speak to your dermatologist to get professional medical procedures or use cellulite lotions and or creams to help tighten your skin and minimize the appearances.

Even though creams and lotions are not going to make your cellulite disappear overnight, they can temporarily smoothen and tighten your skin especially if you pick a formula that is rich in collagen and caffeine. These are high strength ingredients that can help firm your skin.






The Inkey Caffeine 









Petal Fresh Firming Body Butter








Advance Clinicals Collagen







Retin A Cream










The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 


These are available products in the product section of our blog – and they can help you diminish the appearance of the cellulite on your skin

You can also purchase a Retinol cream to help diminish the visibility of cellulite on your skin. Make sure you are using at least a 0.25% retinol for a more visible result.

These products are not going to perform an overnight miracle but with dedication andconsistency, they will help diminish your cellulite.

Also, if you are really committed to minimizing your cellulite, it is worth talking to a dermatologist about other treatment options that could be surgical or having to numb the dimples with a tiny needle but here on this post, I amstrictly talking about ways to diminish your cellulite without going under a procedure – which is the treatment of using reliable products to diminish it. Other ways to diminish your cellulite is by working out or exercising daily.

Additionally; is the use of derma rollers. Derma-rollers are very good for reducing cellulites. It is a non invasive tool that can be used on the chest, tummy tuck, arms and legs. You can use this  tool and afterwards apply your collagen ingredients mentioned above. For the chest – use 0.5 to 0.75mm roller; for the rest of the body – use 1.0 to 1.5mm roller. You can use this procedure every 4 to 6 weeks for maximum reduced appearances of your stretch marks. Make sure you avoid sun and wear SPF (at least 30 spf) after treatment. Make sure you clean the area you intend to derma roll, disinfect the derma-roller, roll 4 to 6 times in all directions, apply natural serums or any of the above mentioned collagen inducing products to moisturize.

Be patient and consistent with these various tips I have explained because stretch marks would not vamoose after one or two attempts of these recommended treatments I gave. The more you repeat these processes or use these products, the skin cells will produce new collagen which in turn would firm and thicken your stretch marks – hence resulting to gradually fading away of the stretches and replacement of healthy smooth skin.

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