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OMY LADY Rapid Skin Bleaching Cream Natural Pearl – 100g


NGN 10,000.00


This Cream is enriched with whitening and moisturizing ingredients that rapidly infiltrate into the cuticles, remove melanin, improve the dull, sallow &uneven skin and enhance its whitening ability, keeping the skin fair, smooth, moisturized and elastic. It also helps fade stubborn dark spots, freckles, wrinkles and pigmentation, giving you with a complexion and super smooth skin. Features: 1. Rapid effect for whitening and bleaching, but easy to cleaning. 2. Deeply moisturize every inch of skin, fine pores, particle size and structure of emulsion essence. 3. Its mild herbal formula and silky quality helps with skin absorption, and after application, your body emits a refreshing and charming scent. 4. Whole body using, for both men and women. Usage: After skin cleaning or before going outside, apply the cream to the areas of the body as required and gently message until be absorbed.


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