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Glutax 8800000gs Supreme Pico Cell Absorption


NGN 70,000.00



As a skin whitening and gives a hue so that it looks brighter and looks fresher
Antioxidants that protect the body from the dangers and side effects of free radicals that can interfere with the function of organs2
Restore lost
stamina Nourishing the skin, nails, hair etc., so that it looks healthier
As an anti-aging that disguises and delays the aging
process Maintains skin moisture and makes it look fresher
Regenerate dead skin cells and help in speeding up the process of new
skin cell turnover Normalize the body’s
metabolic function Tightening the skin
Prevents stroke and launches red blood circulation that carries oxygen to all parts of the body
Improves the immune system in the body so as not to be susceptible to disease

Dose: once
a week Method: intravenous injection / infusion (iv)


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