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Core SLC24A5 INHIBITORS Glutathione Injection


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SLC24A5 is a gene located at the chromosome 15 of human gene. It is consisted of 396 amino acids molecules which governs the activities and proliferation of melanocytes in our body. Clinical study revealed that SLC24A5 gene acts consistently across species, i.e. higher SLC24A5 gene activity increase the number of melanocyte, causing higher secretion of melanin. Organisms with lower SLC24A5 activities have much lesser melanocyte and secret much lesser melanin leading to fair body color.
Once again, medical scientists from Switzerland have isolated a special group of SLC24A5 inhibitor III, which have exhibited superb SLC24A5 gene inhibiting effects, proven to suppress SLC24A5 gene in vitro and in vivo, which is the only formulations that can whiten the skin via genetic.


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